Fitflops are the most popular sandals in design creation and features. They are so attractive because they are good for the health of body. There are many different kinds of walking sandals on the market. There are so many choices of different styles and colors. But most of them are horrible, not only to your feet but also to your body. Most of sandals make your behavior be different from natural. But cheap fitflop sandals are the better choice for those of people who want to become healthier, including weight loss and muscle conditioning. Fitflop sandals have many function and advantage. We will introduce the sandals and all the reasons that you should give them a try. The development of the fitflop sandals are from the research work by Dr. David Cook and Darren James at LSBU. They try to develop a flip flop that increased the output of the muscles of the lower legs, creating an unstable basics, and own the patent pending technology called microwobbleboard. What happens with this microwobbleboard is the legs can recover from unstable when walking. The benifits of the unstable and more muscles engagement is that it can help adjust and trim your legs. The fitflop sandals are also made to absorb shock which helps alleviate joint strain such as Fitflop Fleur, Fitflop Astrid, Fitflop Lulu. The other benifits of the sandals include burning more calories, adjust the legs, reducing cellulite and encourage better posture. Another benifits of fitflops are their efficiency. If you have no time to go to the gym to work off those extra pounds, then you can have a pair of these sandals. They can help you when you walk. So it is to kill two birds with one stone. Every step can improve the power of your legs when wearing the fitflop sandals, absorbing the shock from legs and knees. And it can burn more calories than walking alone. As you can see, the fitflop sandals are good for the whole body. They have many functions and benifits. The best benifit i didn't mention is their price. They are very cheap at the store. It is much cheaper than other sandals with similar function. You can purchase them in our store with free shipping to all countries.